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Please feel free to browse around but NOTE: You are now walking through a museum. This legacy site is no longer active. Please visit our new HOME

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To the many supporters and loyal community members on Payson Road, thank you for your patience. Get ready...we're back!

Payson Road launched in 2000 and was one of the first eating disorder sites online and one of the original Blogs before the term was coined. For over 10 years Payson Road has proudly helped support the many women, men, girls and boys suffering in silence with eating disorders find their voice through creative outlets.

Payson Road continues the journey at its new HOME transforming into the new world of social media and blogging--with the same critical mission:

Expanding awareness and prevention of eating disorders and advancing recovery through the support of creative expression.

This is a community - a place to explore your creativity and let it guide you toward recovery.  Payson Road is dedicated to the individual story.  Eating Disorders are personal.  Although we share common links our disease grips us very individually. You are not a statistic.  You have a story.  And we want to hear it.  And we want you to hear ours.   Together we will help each other.

Website designed and administered by Sarah Mason. Website Logo and  Graphics Designed by Tahara Hasan. Payson Road was created Copyright June 2, 2000.  All rights reserved. Copyright 2012 [Payson Road]. 

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