Expanding awareness and education of eating disorders and advancing recovery through support of creative expression.

Help Make a Difference

Eating Disorders affect an estimated 8 million women and men, girls and boys in the United States alone.   However, people who are afflicted with eating disorders tend to suffer in silence and do not actively seek out treatment.  Thus making that number nearly impossible to accurately determine.

How Can You Help Build Awareness?

Payson Road has put together some information about eating disorders.  It's a simple two page flyer.  What we're asking you to do is to print out this information and distributed it to as many people as you can.  Post it online, put it up on your office message board, hand it out to people, post it in supermarkets or organizations that you belong to.  

You can return to the main site by simply clicking on the butterfly on top of the Flyer pages (including this one).

Get Educated!
People with eating disorders are not the only ones afraid to admit there's a problem going on.  It's up to all of us to bring these diseases out of the closet. 

A little compassion goes a long way.

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